Care INC.

CORAL COAST COMMUNITY CARE INC. is a charitable arm of the Coral Coast Christian Church—A Baptist Family Church which is based at 596 Windermere Road, Bargara.

Briefly, our charter is to provide a service, on behalf of the Church for the relief of poverty, suffering, sickness, distress, misfortune destitution and helplessness of people within our immediate community.

We do this by providing whatever assistance we can to those who are homeless, unemployed, underemployed, of low income, a sole parent, or otherwise disadvantaged, disabled, underprivileged, socially excluded, lacking self-esteem, education, knowledge or life management skills, and unable to provide adequately for themselves or their families.

Our service is provided regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs, or marital status.

Because of our size and available resources, we aim primarily to cover the coastal strip from Burnett Heads, through Bargara to Innes Park and Elliott Heads areas. Of course, if we ever identify a need outside that area and are able to provide help, we will do so.

Under the umbrella of Coral Coast Community Care Inc. we run a number of subsidiaries or ongoing projects which cover our aims of helping the community.

There is always a supply of goods, money, equipment and time coming in from all sorts of places, for which we are more than grateful. But, we can always use more. We are a Registered Charity, and as such Coral Coast Community Care Inc. is able to furnish Tax Deductible Receipts for Cash Donations if required. If you would like to make a donation of any kind, please call the church office. Your gift will be greatly appreciated.

Great is the generosity of people in our community, but greater is the need for assistance for those disadvantaged in our community. We never have enough resources. We do what we can with what we have