Refresh Messages

- Audio Only -

Date Title Scripture Theme Link Speaker
6/11/19 Millennium and Majesty Revelations 20:1-6 Three views Youtube Brian Robertson
30/10/19 The Lord's Supper pt 4 John 13:1-11 John relates the washing of feet Youtube Brian Robertson
23/10/19 The Lord's Supper pt 3 Luke 22:7-23 Finer detail in Luke's account Youtube Brian Robertson
16/10/19 The Lord's Supper Pt 2
+ Q&A Session
Mark 14:12-25 Similarity between
Matthew and Mark's records.
Youtube Brian Robertson
9/10/19 The Lord's Supper Pt 1 Matthew 26:17-30 Matthew records three aspects Youtube Brian Robertson
25/09/19 Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead John 11:1-44 Have a soft heart
towards God
Youtube Brian Robertson
18/09/19 Jesus Heals the
Man Born Blind
John 9:1-12 The creative power
held in Jesus' hands
Youtube Brian Robertson
11/09/19 Our Lives in Botswana Daniel 12:1-2 Dealing with an
'Honour/Shame' culture
Youtube Andrew Freeman
5/09/19 Sea Walking John 6:15-25 Jesus has authority over all things Youtube Brian Robertson
28/08/19 Jesus Feeds the 5000 John 6:1-14 Jesus fulfils what
life is really about
Youtube Brian Robertson
21/08/19 Jesus Heals a paralytic at Bethesda John 5:1-17 Do you wish to
change your current condition?
Youtube Brian Robertson
14/08/19 Jesus Heals an
Official's Son
John 4:43-54 Having Faith Youtube Brian Robertson
7/08/19 Wedding in Cana John 2:1-11 Making the
ordinary special
Youtube Brian Robertson
31/07/19 Psalm 27 Psalm 27 Place your trust
in the Rock
Youtube Brian Robertson
24/07/19 Psalm 95 Psalm 95 Depth of commitment Youtube Brian Robertson
17/07/19 Psalm 100 Psalm 100 A lot to learn
from five verses
Youtube Nathan Cahill
10/07/19 Psalm 1 Psalm 1 There are only
two types of people
Youtube Gary May
3/07/19 Psalm 66 Psalm 66 Understanding the Psalms Youtube Robert Harbottle
26/06/19 Intelligent design Psalm 19:1-4 The impression of God's
design is overwhelming
Youtube John Sibley
12/06/19 Worship the Lord
in Holy Array
Psalm 29:1-11 Worship is declaring
the Lord's glory
Youtube Brian Robertson
5/06/19 The King of Glory Psalm 24:1-10 We know the
King of Glory
Youtube Brian Robertson
29/05/19 Love in These Times Ephesians 5:1-10 It's about love Youtube Brian Robertson
22/05/19 Hope Through All Times 1 Peter 1:3-9 We have real hope Youtube Brian Robertson
15/05/19 Faith in Troubled Times Hebrews 11:32-40 It's always about faith Youtube Brian Robertson
8/05/19 Should We Fear God? When? Multiple Youtube John Sibley
1/05/19 Prayer Answered 1 John 5:14-15 According to His will Youtube Brian Robertson
24/04/19 Greater Love John 15:13 Abide in My love Audio Brian Robertson
17/04/19 The True Vine John 15:1-6 We need to stay
connected to Jesus
Youtube Gary May
10/04/19 I Am the Way, the
Truth, and the Life
John 14:1-11 5 reasons to be not troubled Youtube Gary May
3/04/19 The Resurrection and Life John 11:17-27 Everyday Resurrection
= Hope
Youtube Robert Harbottle
27/03/19 The Good Shepherd John 10:14-15 His Word keeps you
on His path
Youtube Nathan Cahill
20/03/19 Door of the Sheep John 10:7-10 Jesus is our doorway Youtube Brian Robertson
13/03/19 Light of the World John 8:12 Jesus is the Light Youtube Brian Robertson
6/03/19 Bread of Life John 6:32-35 Jesus nourishes our lives Youtube Brian Robertson