Action Alert June 2016

This is an archived edition of Action Alert.

Crucial Federal Election

We are nearing one of the most important elections in the history of Australia. That is because the meaning of marriage will be decided by the parliamentarians who are elected on 2 July. Sadly, many of our political leaders such as Malcolm Turnbull (Liberal), Bill Shorten (Labor), Richard di Natale (Greens), and Nick Xenophon are known to be in favour of so-called same-sex ‘marriage’.

If we elect candidates who favour same-sex ‘marriage’, the Federal Parliament will seek to change the law. More children would then be indoctrinated by the Safe Schools Coalition program. More children will be raised without a mum and dad. Small businesses may expect to lose their freedoms. Schools and churches could be caught in costly legal battles for years. Pressure will come upon faith communities to conform to political correctness.

The Australian Labor Party’s policy is to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ and Bill Shorten has promised that a Labor Government, within 100 days of gaining office, would introduce a bill to the Parliament to amend the Marriage Act accordingly. The ALP has also indicated that all of its politicians must support same-sex ‘marriage’ by 2018, and anyone who does not do so will be expelled from the Party. So, if Labor wins government – either in their own right or in coalition with the even-further-Left Australian Greens – our nation will have same-sex ‘marriage’ before the end of 2016. As a consequence, we will see men and women of faith begin taken before anti-discrimination tribunals for refusing to provide goods and services for same-sex ‘weddings’, and outspoken Christian leaders who articulate the biblical definition of marriage and who publicly state homosexuality to be sinful will be facing similar tribunals.

While most of the 150 House of Representative seats will be won by candidates from the Liberal / National Coalition or the ALP, there are some Christian-values-based minor parties fielding candidates for the Senate in each State and Territory. If we elect Senate candidates from such parties who recognise that male-female marriage is good for children, families, and the community as a whole, these people will defend true marriage from on-going attack. Family First Party (FFP), Christian Democratic Party (CDP), Australian Christians (AUC), Rise Up Australia Party (RUP), and Democratic Labour Party (DLP) are the five Christian-values-based parties whose candidates are committed to maintaining marriage as a one-man-one-woman institution. Australian Liberty Alliance, while primarily focused on stopping the Islamisation of our country, is also generally supportive of true marriage.

So, when completing the white Senate ballot paper (where you must choose either at least six parties or groups ‘above the line’ or at least twelve individual candidates ‘below the line’), think carefully about how you vote. By giving your first choices to the Christian-values-based minor parties or candidates, before giving votes to the Coalition or ALP, you will increase the chances for candidates from the Christian-values-based parties to be elected.

However, be aware that if you only number 1 to 6 ‘above the line’ or 1 to 12 ‘below the line’, your vote could be exhausted before actually electing anyone to the Senate. It is far better to number ALL of the boxes ‘above the line’ (putting the anti-true-marriage parties last) or to number ALL of the boxes ‘below the line’ (putting the anti-true-marriage candidates last). This way, if the Christian-values-based parties and candidates are not successful, your vote will not be exhausted and will pass to help elect other Senate candidates who hopefully will take notice of the fact that they have been elected with preferences from the Christian-values-based minor parties.

This election is crucial! Vote carefully!

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Who will stand up for me against evildoers?
Who will take his stand for me against those who do wickedness?
Psalm 94:16

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